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Fort Edward: Jacques 1755 (The Acadian Expulsion)


King's Wharf: Elizabeth 1783 (The Loyalist Migration)


Portage Road: Mary 1813 (The War of 1812)


The Shed: Michael 1837 (The Rebellions of 1837)


The Oil Fields: Kenneth 1864 (Confederation, the US Civil War, and one of the world's first oil fields)


County Jail: Phillip 1891 (The beginning of social assistance)


Gooseneck Press has two projects. Books describes the picture books about big ideas that we have for sale. Audio gives links to free downloadable stories read by the author. These will be added, one chapter at a time, to a series of stories that follows a family through Canadian history. Something earthshaking happened in Canadian history every generation, and each story in this series happens when a member of our fictional family is thirteen years old.

A Mobile Head Offers Perspective

A goose has a long and flexible neck. It can stay in the same position and look at an object from several different positions. Stories are like that. They give you a chance to continue to be you, but explore the world while looking at the world from a variety of perspectives.


We can help you keep your neck flexible.

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