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Fort Edward: Jacques 1755

(The Acadian Expulsion)

© 2020 Jan G. Hansen

The Shed: Michael 1837

(The Rebellions of 1837)

© 2020 Jan G. Hansen

County Jail: Phillip 1891

(The beginning of social assistance)

© 2020 Jan G. Hansen

Portage Road: Mary 1813

(The War of 1812)

© 2020 Jan G. Hansen

King's Wharf: Elizabeth 1783

(The Loyalist Migration)

© 2020 Jan G. Hansen

The Oil Fields: Kenneth 1864

(Confederation, the US Civil War, and a very early oil field)

© 2020 Jan G. Hansen

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Each generation, something big has happened that changed the course of Canadian history. These stories follow a fictional family that, like you and me, were not movers and shakers in their world. They simply experienced events as they unfolded. Just as no single family can experience all of Canada in its present form, no family can experience all of Canadian history. This is just following one thread through the cloth. 

During this time of physical distancing due to COVID-19, we are making The Family stories available to download for free. The plan was to have a new chapter available each day, in the hopes that this time of separation wouldn't last as long as there are chapters in the series. Sadly, all of the chapters are now up and the seperation continues. Click on the title below to go to the story's page.


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