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For You, Daddy



The book describes all of the wonderful things that a child would do for their daddy, based on fairy tales, with lots of space left for the child to draw the illustrations. 

This is a project for you to do with your child. First, share the fairy tales with your child (they are listed on the instruction sheet). Second, have the child illustrate the page related to that story. Third, place your child's name on the cover as the illustrator and fill in the dedication. Forth, remove the instruction page. Finally, give it as a gift to Daddy.


Going On a Lion Hunt


Themba (whose name means Hope) and Vuyelwa (whose name means Joy) go for a walk through their community to get water along with their guardian Thandi (Nurturing Love). On the way they meet friends such as Bulelani (Let's Be Thankful) and Nombeko (Respect).

This story is a gentle way of introducing children to the effects of AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, and how caring, play and joy can always be a part of life.


The Cat: A Play



The Cat is written out as a play, so that it can be acted out by a group of young children. There is a narrator, six characters and a chorus of rocks.

A companion book that is available with a purchase of The Cat.


No More Empty Smiles


Henning moved to Canada without knowing any English. He found strength inside himself to learn how to understand. 

Based on the experiences of the author's father, the story gives those who have grown up in the dominant culture an understanding of what it is like to be new.



The Cat


The cat discovers that it fills her own heart to care for others, and that you remember the good that you do for others.

Based on the experience of a foster mom who eventually adopted two of her foster children, the story opens up the chance to talk about how helping others isn't just good for the person being helped.


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